Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want to open a big can of wedding worms,lets talk KIDS AT WEDDINGS

Want to open a big can of wedding worms? Tell people you don't want children at your wedding. You’ll get a couple of supporters, but others will really be pissed at you. Mostly the ones on your guest list who can’t imagine leaving or are to cheap to their kids with a sitter.

Putting on a kid free wedding is one way to pull back the guest list for a small wedding but be prepared for criticism, you may become the devil. Going by the comments on some bridal chat boards, there are some pretty strong opinions about rug rats and weddings. Some can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want kids at the wedding. They argue that it’s anti family not to invite kids and that weddings are all about family. Others can’t comprehend why anyone would want kids underfoot at such an big people event like a wedding.

We had kids at our wedding. There were only a few , but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. That being said, I can totally understand why some couples opt for a no children wedding. Couples generally spend months planning their weddings, not to mention saving for the wedding. Along comesa pissed off toddler, and Wamoo! perfection is down the drain, especially if it happens during the vows.Forget someone cel phone going off during the vows, try 105 dbs of kids scream.

Kids Love them to death are very unpredictable. They cry and scream. They make messes. They bump into things and are known to stick their fingers into places that they shouldn’t like the cake, nose, you get the picture. But most times, they’re also surprisingly well behaved during special occasions and can add a lot to a wedding Day.

If you are sure you want a no kid wedding, how do you ensure that your adult guests won’t bring their rug rats.

Whether your motives for going kid free are to limit the guest list, or a morbid fear that crying babies, pissed off toddlers & playful preschoolers will make havoc on your wedding, here are some simple ways to get the message across to your guests that kids aren’t invited without loosing friends...

Wat before you send out the invites, call friends and family who have kids and let them know that a wedding invitation is on the way and that you have choosen for a no kid wedding. That way they will have time to line up babysitters.After they have ripped your ears off...What's wrong with my Johnny.

Wedding experts including me,say that it’s tacky to write ‘no children’ on the invites. Instead, state on the RSVP card that the wedding will be an ‘adult only reception’. Another way of saying this is to write the following on the RSVP card: “We have reserved ___ seats in your honor” and just include the number of adults you want to come.

Be firm with this . If you cave at your sister’s request to bring her little ones, and your friend’s little ones were forced to stay with babysitters, there will be hurt feelings and maybe blood.

One way to please your guests with kids provide to have a babysitter or two at the wedding . Set up fun activities like a craft center to keep the kids busy. One word of caution here some kids get severe separation anxiety and will not take to this idea very well. Keep this in mind when you are pursuing this option. And no kids EVER died from watching to many movies at a wedding in the back room, it will be more fun for them. One down side I see to not having kids at the wedding, setting next to you, is you don't get to eat their left over fried food.

Cheers Peter Bruce Photo and bELLE Team

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