Monday, October 19, 2009

Getaway weddings by Peter Bruce

Destination weddings are an incredible opportunity to get magazine-worthy images of your wedding day! This is a once in a life-time event and the pictures/video are all you will have left afterward. Take it seriously and expect to invest in this service for a professional. Peter Bruce Photo & Video have done many destination weddings and they can be great. And one most important thing, I am happy to go to Paris with you foe your wedding.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your destination wedding photography/videography...

1. Hire a serious pro! Don't expect that a beautiful location will automatically mean you get great shots. It takes a professional to interpret lighting, positioning, architecture, storytelling and combine it all with great equipment and experience to produce stunning images.

2. Take your time! See if your photographer will set aside a few hours for bridal portraits on the day after the wedding (or if you have a really small wedding, on the day of the wedding). You can travel the area and hit all the hot spots. After all, isn't that why you chose it?

3. Destination weddings are all about the "Experience." Capture every emotional moment by having your photography/videography team arrive early enough to shoot the getting ready process. Hair/Makeup are some of our favorite shots - energy is high and emotions are, too! Make sure your professional provides you with a list of tips so you can have all those little details like your dress, shoes, and jewelry ready, too.

4. Audio is everything! Beach weddings are windy and many PA systems echoe and distort the voice. Most people think of video as a camera, but don't ever realize that even in the most capable hands a video is nothing without great audio of your ceremony, interactions of family and friends, etc. Make sure your videographer uses professional wireless microphones on both the groom and the officiant (as a back-up).

After all is said and done, see if your photographer can submit your images to magazines or websites. Remember all those great ones you saw while planning your wedding? That could be you...but not without a great professional on your side

I hope this help with your getaway weddings,let me know. Also remember happy to travel with you for a wedding.

Best Regards Peter Bruce Photo & Video

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