Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What are you doing back there Honey...

Bachelorette Parties happen about one or two months before the wedding we recommend not be prior to two weeks of your wedding day! This is to make sure there are no accidents to stop the bride and grooms wedding day (falling and spraining ankle, or worst, etc God forbid). It is really great that it is about a month out from the wedding so the girls who are lucky enough to make it can share a closeness, stories and remember all the inside jokes and hopefully male strippers that were at the and partying together and build an excitement about the Wedding day. When is a good time to send out the invites to your bachelorette party. These should be send out one to two months before the wedding, followed up with a phone call or e mail. With the busy life style most people have now a days three months is not to much time. The timing also depends on the location, if it is along way away, more notice should be given. Also keep in mind rooms at nice hotels, such as Las Vegas sell out fast.

What should we do and what type of party should it be ?. Questions keep getting better. Make sure it is something the bride will like, she does not want to be bummed out before her wedding and remember a day like this forever in a bad way. Peter Bruce Photo & Belle Fine Weddings recommends that someone, like a sister or close friend be very hands on. Just because a person seems fun and wild it does not mean they know the bride and will do the best interest of her.

Photos ?. Well as a photographer I am always happy to come and take the photos and or video at your bachelorette party. But if you don't want me there or any member of Belle, then take photos, lots of them. But be careful, we are living in a time where everything is open and no one can hide. It is not like the old days, where you took photos, dropped the film off at the corner Walgreens and you could edit them your self. Everything is now on Flicker, You Tube, Apple, Snap Fish, Shutter Fly, My Space and Face book, NO ONE can hide any more. And things can be Photoshopped in or out fast. Also be nice to the bride to be, no groom wants to find photos after you have kids that are well, you know ("I did not know she was a ____")

Drinking ?.Of course it is a party after all, but back to the photos, do you want to be known as the DRUNK at the party and don't push the bride, she should have fun, but that is it. This is why you have your Bachelorette Parties weeks or months before the wedding. Could you think how bad you would feel as a bride having a hang over on the day of your wedding. Everyone love a budweiser or better still a grey goose vodka on the rocks or two. But don't kill yourself. If one person is trying to get the bride wreaked, please stop them, as most brides mainly just wants to have fun. Remember girls just want to have fun. If you are not staying in a all in one hotel in Vegas or New York, don't drink and drive the DUI is not worth it. Who should pay for the drinks, not the bride and have a American Express, Visa or Master Card in file with the bar. And tip well.

Make an album of the bachelorette party for the bride (no bad photos of the bride, people can laugh at anyone else but her). There are many on line album companies like Apple or Snap Fish even blurb, one we like is Memento Press in San Francisco. Better still scrapbook it for the bride, go crazy and put lots of stuff in it, collect stuff and scrapbook it together, what a great personal gift.

One last word from us don't hang out with boys to long, you are there for the bride, it is nice to flirt,but you are there for the bride and her Bachelorette Party. If one girl whats to go off with a guy, let her. MAKE SURE she is safe, but don't bring down the party just for her .

Ever ones job is to make sure the bride has fun and is safe !.

Have fun and party...

Peter & team bELLE

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