Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kids at wedding by Peter Bruce Photo

I wanted to follow up on my last blog about Destinations weddings. I feel that I left a few ones out,which I will cover over the next few days. Giving you more info and detail on get away weddings. One thing I think is great at weddings and we have talk about this in the past,is kids at weddings,but when it is a Destination wedding and kids are coming,well then it is different. When planning a wedding abroad or away from your city of residence, remember to take into account the children that you have invited. In fact, your own children may be attending the wedding and someone needs to provide for them. Since you want to enjoy a little time with new your new spouse, it might a good idea to have the children stay at the hotel or resort with a trusted relative. By doing this, the couple is not constantly worried about the children and the relative will have time to entertain them.

The children will most likely be different age brackets which might make keeping them occupied more difficult but if they are family, they will be used to one another. Generally, there are a few ways to keep the kids happy during their stay.

  • Make sure the sightseeing is appropriate for the children. Anything too strenuous or exhausting for small children should be reconsidered. That is not to say that none of the adults should go. But maybe the children should stay back with someone who does not wish to go.

  • Be safe. One thing that happens when vacationing or traveling to a resort or hotel for a wedding, the jubilant emotions cloud judgments. Common sense must be used when allowing children near water, nears strangers, and allowing them to wander about in a strange place. It is easy to lose sight of the children so be diligent and have other people help so that everyone enjoys himself or herself.

  • Organize activities specifically for children, both during the stay and at the wedding reception. Face painting, puppet shows, building sandcastles, making snowmen, and age appropriate crafts will help children to avoid boredom.

Just tell them it is a holiday with a big party for someone. Hope this helps,please let us know
Best Regards Peter Bruce Photo & Video

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